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Thanks to our reusable pod filter, you can finally say goodbye to K-cup® and:


  • reduce your ecological footprint by eliminating overpacking
  • save money by using bulk coffee to fill your buckets
  • save time in the morning by planning your pods in advance
  • dispose of compostable residues of quality and free

The airtight container and reusable filter have been specifically designed and patented to infuse your favorite brand of tea, coffee or flavored herbs using your Keurig® coffee system.

The container has an airtight closure system that keeps your coffee fresh longer than conventional coffee pots, so do not hesitate to prepare your pods in advance, saving you a lot of time when you are in the morning preparations.

Made from premium materials, both the container and the pod filter can be cleaned in the dishwasher without the risk of damaging them.

The container's patented snap closure makes it easy to transport it to the office or to friends, whether it's full or used, clean and hassle-free.

By using a reusable filter, each cup becomes a great gesture for the environment.

| Melanie

These are the best filtres for my Keurig. They clean easily and You can prepare a few in advanced and the coffee keeps fresh

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