CRYSTALLINE H2O - CHLORINE SAVER (1.3 kg / 135 weeks)

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CrystallineH2O is a revolution in the field of pool and spa water maintenance.

Adding a small amount of CrystallineH2O every week will keep your pool and spa water cleaner while reducing the amount of chlorine or bactericide needed, reducing the dryness and irritation of users' skin.

CrystallineH2O is compatible with salt, chlorine, ozone and bromine systems.

You can reduce the amount of chlorine and other chemicals by up to 75% compared to what you use today, not only reducing your costs, but also protecting your skin.

CrystallineH2O reduces pool maintenance time while reducing the risk of chlorine bleaching of fabrics, swimsuits and hair dyes.

Non-irritating and odorless, the low toxicity makes it a product that can be handled safely, without risk of burning or explosion.

Perforance chart (For 24 000 L pool):

  • 300g = 31 weeks
  • 700g = 72 weeks
  • 1.3 kg = 135 weeks

The product shelf life is 10 years.

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