EZ Way Pod Filter Two Tone – Brown & Beige



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EZ Way Pod Filter is a permanent coffee filter for Keurig Brewing systems.

Thanks to the container: You can prepare your favourite coffee weeks in advance!
Thanks to the container: You can seal locking freshness!
Thanks to the container: You can have a better match with your kitchen!
Thanks to the container: You can bring them to your office or everywhere!
Thanks to the container: You can bring back after using fear of leaks or messes!
Thanks to the container: You can use them faster every morning without messes!

  • The only REUSABLE Coffee Filter to be fitted with a hermetically sealed pod allowing
    you to prepare and preserve several portions of fresh coffee during weeks IN
  • Easy and quick to use.
  • Save money by making a great cup of coffee for only $0.10 to $0.20 per cup.
  • No need for paper filters.
  • Also convenient for Tea and Herbal Tea.
  • No need to remove the holder from Keurig Brewer.
  • Environmentally Friendly-no plastic or paper waste-used coffee/tea can be easily composted.
  • Made of FDA approved Materials.


  1. Fill the EZ Way Pod with your favorite brand of coffee/ tea.
  2. Align the arrows of the lid with the filter and press the lid gently to close.
  3. Put the filter inside the container and clip it to make sure is
    hermetically sealed.
  4. Your coffee will stay fresh until you decide to brew it.
  5. Remove the filter from the container and place it directly into the
    Keurig System, then Enjoy your Coffee!
  6. After brewing, allow the filter to cool then remove it from the Keurig machine. In a hurry? Return the filter to the container and seal to prevent leaks ,then clean later by dumping used coffee and rinsing with water. The specially designed seal that keeps coffee fresh for weeks, also works to prevent leaks when transporting used pods!
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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm